Monday, October 5, 2009


in the morning, tell yourself you are lovely, because you are.

and this not in a conceited manner - this is true, and it's healthy to speak the truth over yourself. we live in a world of lies where everyone else is dictating our identity (and they're usually all lies). the truth is, you are lovely, you are worth fighting for, you are desired.

and when you wake up, you should know this. and when you wake up, you should smile, even if for a second you're forcing yourself to, because sometimes the truth needs a bit of prompting before it becomes convincing. because sometimes, we know the happier way out, we just like to wallow in our pain. the truth is, you are loved, you are cared for, you are thought of.

and when you get up, you should thank the Lord that He's given you another day to fall in love with Him all over again, to embrace life, ugliness and beauty and all. and thank Him that for the rest of the day, He'll still be beside you, the peace you find when you need Him. we don't believe it because we don't see proof, we don't feel a nearby presence, we don't hear the words we're longing for. but the truth is, He longs for you, He wants to be the one you run to, He wants to be your solace, your laughter, your comfort.

and when you greet this day, talk to Jesus, and listen to Him too. you'll hear Him call you lovely, you'll hear secrets only made known to you. and even though you may go through today with moments of brokenness and coldness and gloom, remember He was also broken, and lonely, and grieved, but even then, He was still lovely - so very lovely - and so are you. in the middle of your emptiness or plenty, your apathy or sensitivity, your anger or control, you are His beloved, His chosen, His dream, His desire, and He finds you lovely.


Reading: Psalm 73
Listening: my favorite playlist, "as night falls"

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  1. Thanks for writing somethin this lovely n true. My friend was down and out just the other night and I sent her ur post.. cause it was apt. I'm sure she's gonna b uplifted, strengthened and lovin it:-)