Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Oh the breath of the Almighty God, it warms a cold and fractured soul
It awakens a dormant vision, it is a gentle breeze that flicks a fading coal
I arise with a trembling in my spirit, a quickness in my step, and adoration upon my lips.
For in His omniscience, He places a sword in my feeble hands,
   and a sachet of myrrh to hold near to my chest..

He calls me to follow Him. But oh! His call is simply that - His breath upon my soul.
It is neither a sound nor a sight, but the exhale, the release, of the Infinite God.
There is no time for a forgettable introspection or exhaustive doubt,
   or to question, "Did God really say..."

No, there is only a moment to arise and follow, there is only a moment to trust and obey.
For those who obey are those who love Him; He said, "If you love me, You will obey..."
And so now, with a sword in my hand and a sachet of myrrh, I have said yes to a life of surrender.
  I have said yes to a life which both suffers and fights, and yet beholds the gaze of my Lover.

I have agreed to run a race upon a cobbled road with bare-blistered feet and tenacity,
   and still, I have agreed to rest between the very shoulder blades that carry the world.
I have chosen to be hollowed with the finest of knives, I have chosen to be His flute of joy*.
I said I would be His symphony, and I wait upon His melodies.
I have said to Him, "I will be Your Warrior," He has said to me, "You shall also be My Bride."

I have chosen to follow Him into the chilled stillness of the night,
   or perhaps I am hidden in the shadows of His great wing.
I have chosen to follow Him into the depths of His heart,
   into the cavities of aching and groaning and sorrow;
   where His tears and blood have become my wine, and I yearn for more,
   though it pains both of us so...
And I fear Him, thus He confides in me, and I follow Him, thus He bids me, "draw nearer..."

I have known no greater joy than His delight, and yet no gripping sorrow than His yearnings;
I have not lived apart from Him, and I have not died except with Him.
I have known no fear except His holiness, and known no love except Himself.
He has breathed upon me, and so I come to Him,
   for I am restless unless I rest in Him.


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