The History of this Blog.

Some of you might remember the age of xanga, livespace, even myspace blogs.  I've had them all.  I enjoy writing.  But The Sunday Journal, without intention, became the place that I voiced my need to understand Jesus Christ.  To the reader, the posts appear to be devotionals of sorts - but for me, I look at the timestamp and remember the situations that prodded me to address the things I wrote about. I remember the struggles, the pains, the sources of anger and disappointment.  And through those difficulties, I found that writing about Truth has been the best way to combat pain.  Declaring what I know about the nature of God reminds me of His goodness, reminds me that I can be confident that I will see His goodness, even in the middle of turmoil.  So even though people have messaged me or remarked about any encouragement they received from what I share, I have to reiterate that I'm still there too.  I'm still in the struggle, I'm still in the search.  But I write because I know I'm not alone, and I want others to know they're not alone either.

Now for the things that make me a person:

I toss between careers because I'm a hustling freelance artist.  From library science to special education, to being a barista, and now working in accounting- art has always remained a constant.  I have two work philosophies: always be kind, and no freaking out.  I think aloud, I love organization, I like silliness and children's books.  I forget what spare time is like, because I enjoy what I do.  But I imagine if I had time, it would be full of making things from more art to healthy treats, from new friendships to remarkable history. I can't pronounce things correctly, can't dance to save my life, but I've learned to laugh at my awkwardness and celebrate the things I can do- like make origami temporary-flying carpets.

I'm glad you're here, I hope you stick around.

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