Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Musings on the Modern Church. Pt 1.


Three of my least favorite things: washing my car, styrofoam, and women's conferences.
And thanks to a SCB pop-up cafe, I could begin a hashtag called #heardatawomensconference.

It will be laced with feel-good quotes
You are special.
You are worth it.
You hold the key to your freedom.
You choose to be who you are today.

As well as estrogen-based Christian lifestyle advice
New season, new journal!
Don't forget to wear waterproof mascara and foundation!

And things that shock me as a barista
Why don't you have a $15k Espresso Machine here.  Make me an iced soy caramel latte extra caramel no ice, and find a microwave to heat it up for me.

Yes, I am a disgruntled human at these hype events.  I cannot stand flashy, colorful lures, smoke machines during praise/worship, and songs that ask me to Jump or Shout or other actions that require Obedience to Avoid Shunning.  In fact, in those situations, my human nature turns me to a judgmental, haughty prude.  It's a shame.

But here are the truths about these events, and about the modern popular church, and about worshiptainment:

  1. Based on a certain level of spiritual understanding, I'll find no meat to chew on.  But that doesn't discredit that milk/young food is necessary for those who are growing in their Christianity.  These events are geared to teenagers and/or teenagers in Christ, and a necessary tool to create a hunger for deeper things.  It is okay for me to say, this conference is not for me, and gracefully remove myself from the conversation.
  2. My heart was not prepared to receive anything from this event, to my own loss.  Even though I knew I would be there, I did not ask God to soften my heart to listen and receive His Word; His truth, even if it is covered in feathers that were half-dipped in gold glitter, is still His Truth.  He is always speaking, and it's my choice to listen, and not shoot the messenger.
  3. On that note, it is not my place to say that God is finally pleased with our worship when we turn off the smoke machine.  For all we know, even the one-guitar + bongo living room session can leave a bitter aftertaste in His mouth if these "intimate" worshippers house hearts no different than those hearts of the Pharisees or Sadducees.  We cannot box worship, and we cannot define what God will not receive as a pleasing offering.  He didn't hire us as the worship police.

Essentially, I cannot judge a person's level of spirituality.  Does it pain me that some people remain content at a certain level of spirituality?  Absolutely.  I think that's what makes me feel aggravated.  Some people like to be entertained; like to be amused, don't like to serve.  But again, until I have invested into the lives of each individual, find out where they are with God, and commit to walk with them through their journey, I cannot judge everyone based on an event.

In retrospect, I should've known those three points listed above, and keep my thoughts to myself, no matter how enjoyable the sarcasm became.  I'm sure I am not exempt from having been judged, and I am guilty of not listening to the Spirit, even when I know He's always present.

In the meanwhile, I drew.
Make the most of where you are.

part two here.


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