Saturday, February 28, 2015

Musings on the Modern Church. Pt 3.

My final thoughts on the Modern Church - well actually, the Church as a whole, but I might as well piggy-back on my previous two posts, paralleling with my experience in Specialty Coffee.

Happy feBREWary!


Everyone has their own reasons behind their church commitment preferences.  Sure, I don't have a history sampling numerous denominations.  And that being said, I've learned that I can't discredit what God is doing, simply because it's different than how He works in my life.  I'm not entitled to judge the worship of others, I have no right to declare that my way of connecting with God is better, more efficient, more loved - the Abel sacrifice.  I've come to terms that God has a way of working in my life, and I can celebrate that.  He has a way of working in other churches, and I can celebrate that.

Just as every human is made in God's image, and yet all of us are absolutely different, so churches (made up of humans) are all different and still aim to point to Christ, even if they have to use a different approach - because they are made of different people

Some specialty coffee shops are incredibly successful because they are nested in progressive cities.  And some modern churches are growing exponentially because they are surrounded by the ones who need this kind of bread. We at Surfers Coffee Bar know that we love specialty coffee, but we also know we need to reach our local demographic; we cannot survive on Direct Trade, Pourovers, and Extraction alone.  We've to terms with what we are, and what we aren't.  I'm sure many churches have had to make that same definition.  

Ultimately, whoever walks into the doors of Surfers, we are asked to serve.  Some things I won't compromise on (will not make an iced cappuccino, or any cappuccino over 8oz) (also will not ask my church to preach a prosperity gospel).  I can make sugary drinks, I can make traditional drinks, and I know the facts about coffee if I needed to discuss it.  My hope with the churches I agree less with, is that they'll keep traditional theology, and their leaders know God intimately enough to share His heart.

The conclusion to this entire elaboration is that it isn't my place to judge, or place my connection with God in a higher regard.  Snobby coffee shops shut people out.  And snobby churches shut people out.  Snobbery in general is a natural deterrent.  I am still allowed to disagree - gracefully.  I am still allowed to hold onto what I believe in.  I am still urged to be open to conviction, open to the voice of the Spirit.  And in the places I do not hear Him, even in a church, it's still my position to bless and not curse, to uplift in prayer and not to dismantle by criticism.

There's probably a good reason if you ever find me at a Modern Church.  It's not really my thing.  And yet, I know God is present there.  I also know that God has never expected me to look or be a certain way before I can approach Him; so as mercy has been given to me, so I shall extend to others.

But as it is, God arranged the members in His Body, each one of them, as He chose.... The eye cannot say to the hand, "I have no need of you," nor again the head to the feet, "I have no need of you.".. You are the body of Christ.
I Corinthians 12.

And Paul continues in the infamous chapter 13, to show us the most excellent way - to love.


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