Sunday, May 4, 2014


I like drinking cappuccinos or cortados.  It is comfortably warm and short enough to enjoy (and get caffeinated) quickly, hence it’s my daily drink of choice.  I don’t drink drip coffee often, only because I end up nursing it throughout the day, having a sip or two here or there, and it gets cold, which is fine, but it’s never as enjoyable as the first two sampling slurps.  Essentially, I don’t drink drip coffee because I don’t have the time.

I only have time for hi-bye and sweet, strong punches.  I don’t have time to sit and enjoy and hold a warm, hearty mug in my hands.  Heck, I make my cortados in a gibraltar glass; I don’t even have time for handles.

It’s the weird reality of the current state of my life (and also why updates have been nil).
I don’t have time for these warm, hearty, meaningful journal entries.  I don't have time to pull apart flavors and gather mouthfeels and aftertaste, or process or think, or remind myself, or act upon my resolutions or pause.  I do have a bit of time to like your photos and possibly post a status update.  But I ought to make time.

Ironically, this post is a little placeholder, a little capp if you will, and I assure you I will make time to give you an update whilst drinking a cup of drip coffee.  I have yet to try an array of available drip coffees, but have no time, so I keep going back to our espresso.  These Rwanda, Burundi, and Guatemala coffees can’t drink themselves.  Likewise, I've found myself with a queue of things to talk about (when I have the time)..

- Sabbath
- mission life
- relationship life.
amongst other occurring lessons and revelations.

I'll be back.  For now, there is no amounts of caffeine that can substitute the necessity of sleep.
That is what I will do.  (And then I'll have a cortado in the morning..?)


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