Tuesday, March 15, 2011


pray for Japan.  "wounded" is too light of a word.

on our end here in the islands, the reality of the tragic disasters in Japan were initially faded behind sirens that warned of a possible tsunami.  the rest of the world wrapped their heartstrings around a hurting nation, looking for hope or denying its existence.  meanwhile, we evacuated our House for higher grounds - a frustrating story i am telling later - waiting for a tsunami that didn't happen.  and so, when we finally caught up to sleep days later, we sat and pondered and cried with japan, asking for the heart of God, how to pray, how to feel, how to rightly Love His people.

their physical needs are many, their financial calls are rightly so, but their spiritual needs are immediate.

if there is one thing i pray above all requests for Japan, it is that hearts are drawn (sincerely) to the Lord.

lives have been lost, many are missing, both in the natural and also the spiritual.
and God is aching that His people, made in His image, find hope and rest and peace in His arms.

and if there is one thing i pray above all requests for the church, it is that they are prepared, always prepared, to give Jesus to the world.

when the sirens are blaring, there is no time to look at the handbook and figure out what to do.
when the sirens are blaring, you must know what to do, where to run, if to stay.

we all have a lot of work to do.

Poster by W+K Studio.  Funds donated for relief.


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