Sunday, December 10, 2017


Sometimes I feel like I live in an airport, yes like that one Tom Hanks movie. I’m watching everyone else take off and arrive, while I’m stuck here waiting to either get onto a plane or get outside these walls. There’s WiFi, but that only lets me observe life instead of live it. There’s no rest (because the seats are terrible), the food is too expensive (and I’m broke anyway), and all I have are ketchup packets. And I seriously, absolutely hate ketchup. This is my life right now. Waiting, restless, stuck in comparison to the lives of others and even pining for my own previous life.

There’s power in thought and perspective, though that transformation of the mind takes time. This time of waiting can be a time of dreaming, of creativity; it can be a time of confronting my insecurities, and challenging my fears. Instead of dread and looking back, I could be hopeful, full of anticipation. Maybe I'll be here for a while, but I won't be here forever. The next place could be a new adventure. The next place could be home.

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