Friday, March 2, 2012

what He would do

i wish the phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" didn't become so cliche, almost as if it'd be a joke to wear that bracelet from 10+ years ago.  after all, it's a question we actually SHOULD be constantly asking ourselves in any situation.  is not one of our goals to be like Him?  to awaken in His likeness? to choose the narrow road?

it is very easy to take the route of pride that confidently says, "i know how this will turn out, and this was a frequent route, and God never said 'no.'"  it's familiar, it's seemingly predictable, it apparently requires no faith.

and who knows, maybe Jesus WOULD do the thing you are about to do.

but sometimes, you never know... sure He probably didn't say "no," but has He said "yes?"

the YES of God is a more powerful blessing than any blessing and 'yes' of man.

Jesus, that we may be careful in our speech and actions, that our heart motives are of LOVE, that our desire is to be more like You; You, Yourself, have said that You only do what the Father does, and say what the Father says... why should I do any different?  Why should I be so independent of You, when You submitted Your will to Your Father?

My heart is Yours, what would You do?

...and help me to trust that You DO speak to me, and that the Spirit will, indeed, guide me into all Truth.


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