Thursday, December 1, 2011


Africa by Emma Hardy

Forgiveness does not mean that I agree with what you've done or what you are continuing to do.
It does not mean that it is safe for us to build (or rebuild) a relationship, much less a friendship.
It does not mean we are okay to establish (or re-establish) even communication.
But it does mean that I have released all rights to be resentful, angry, or bitter towards you.
It means I am not letting thoughts of revenge or self-pity control my mind.
Forgiveness in itself is grace, because there is nothing of my flesh that could give something to someone that they do not deserve.
Only the love and power of God could make this whole.

Forgiveness means I am letting the blood of Jesus cover me.
And I can look at the situation, I can look at you, and it doesn't hurt anymore, it doesn't sting anymore.
And I know it inflicted wounds, but nothing too deep that His love could not go deeper still -
Nothing that He could not reveal, nothing that He could not heal.

It means that I am unclenching my fists and releasing the very chains that Christ already broke off of me.
Forgiveness means that I too am free.


currently reading: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.


  1. Your blog has been God-sent in it's words. Thank you each time for blessing my heart until this very point & I believe, always.

  2. You're welcome : ) I'm very honored that you stop in and comment, it reassures me that i am not alone in the things that "inspire" these writings.

  3. I'd say the same about the latter... I haven't written in a year.. but I hope soon to be able.

  4. It's ironic how we have continually been at the same place at the same time in the things we think we are alone. Am blown away every time I read each post and find that it speaks to my reality in that moment. You take the words right out of my heart & say the things I'd stay silent about. Thank you!