Wednesday, June 1, 2011

making choices

[a little peek into my life.  where the previous post came from.]

i vent a lot to God, restlessly waiting for an answer to a universal question, what am i doing with my life.  suddenly motivated to do something -anything- i had planned on leaving my job within the next few months.  well truthfully, i've toyed with the idea of leaving my job for two years already.  and then what happened: in the past three weeks, i've lost my job while i was away, rested and regained solace for two weeks while jobless, got a week-long substitute job, then in a time frame of two days, received six different job offers i haven't applied for.
wow, God.
In my distress, I called to the LORD; I called to my God.  From His temple, He heard my voice; my cry came to His ears.
- II Samuel 22.7
it's as though i have been pounding on the door of heaven with love, tears, and screams, hearing nothing but my pleas bouncing off the walls of a hollow room; and i will never say that God wasn't listening, because i know He has listened to every word that I have uttered, pondered, and harbored.  for all i know, He wanted me in that job longer than I planned, but out of it sooner than I planned.

six job offers?  really?  i asked God to speak, and oh, He is speaking!  now, the predicament at hand is no longer begging Him to talk, it is distinguishing His voice.
the sheep listen to the voice of [the Shepherd].  He calls His own sheep by name and leads them out... He goes ahead of them and His sheep follow Him because they know His voice.  But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger's voice...
- John 10.3-5
here's the funny thing about choices:
maybe only one is the voice of God, and the rest are deceptions from the enemy.
maybe they're all God's voice and one is a shortcut to my destiny, one is a much longer and difficult tread.
or maybe they'll all take the same time, and the decision I am now making is not actually "what job i should take," but rather, "what fruit do i want to produce."

different climates produce different fruit.  different obstacles produce different values.

as in...
you want patience?
choose job #3 because the conflicting personalities you'll work with will get on your nerves.
you want more joy?
choose job #2 because the tragedies you'll encounter will weigh like sorrow on your soul.
you want more peace?
definitely #5 because your chaotic bosses will be like whirlwinds in your organized mind.


either which way i go, it's like i wrote on the previous post:
you can step out of the will of God, but you can never step out of His promises.
therefore, i feel a peace about the path i am about to take... granted, i am seeking His face to avoid making the wrong choice, but i know whichever path it is, i will find myself carried in grace and growing deeper in trust and faith.


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  1. God is always listening and always gives us a choice, to make a wise decision.
    The other thing is every time you know God has told you to do something don't try to use your own understanding as to find out why, this something I'm dealing with now, just to take the steps God has told me to take and later I will understand why :)

    I also give all my problems to God, that's one of the best choices I've made.

    God Bless and thanks for sharing truth :)
    -Ron Artis II

  2. Wow Kat! I am so excited with ready anticipation as you follow your heart and trust that you will find peace in this choice. It is hard to set security aside to seek something divine. Our paths take us bizarre places at time but what I dread the most is falling in line with the rest of the working class. You will always make a beautiful mark on this world and I await to see your next move as the Spirit guides you.