Sunday, January 31, 2010


in case you were wondering
if you mattered to anyone
if your thoughts mattered
if your feelings mattered
if your dreams mattered

if the things which are important to you are important to anyone else
if anyone would care so much to make these things important to them
if you are valued, or thought of, or desired

if you've been waiting for someone, anyone, or a certain someone(s)
to ask you how you're doing (and genuinely, intently wanting to know)
or to ask you how you're feeling (and sincerely empathizing)
or to hold you accountable to the dreams you've once had
(and selflessly making sure you don't shrink backwards)

or to pursue you, because you've run so far you forgot your way back
or to fight for you, because the battle has deeply wounded your confidence
or to cry out on your behalf, because your tears have been spent on searching

or to break down the walls you've built
"not to shut people out
but to see if anyone cared enough to knock them down"

if you mattered to anyone so much
that they would knock those walls down...

in case you were wondering if you mattered to anyone,
you matter to Him.


it's so elementary.... but it's so true... maybe we forget that He wants to be the first one we run to. maybe we make ourselves forget because our flesh longs for the tangible... (after all, i am not crying on His shoulder, i cry on my pillow. i do not feel His strong arms surround me, i feel the warmth of the layered blankets.)

yes His love is supreme - He is the comfort of our spirit, the soothe of our soul, the balm for our heart, the calm of our mind. but because we matter so much to God, because we still long to FEEL that embrace, He has given us the BODY of Christ - extensions of His love. "Isolation won't be your protection." You matter to people. And even though we've been hurt a million times over by them, here's where we must find the deepest security in the love of God, then step out and LET ourselves be loved by others too.

Go. Be loved. Your faith has made you whole. His love has made you whole.


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