Thursday, April 16, 2009

sticky notes

I was driving home and could not concentrate on the road - the sunset was like an unexpected gift from Adonai - it left me awestruck by His glory. So once I got home, I snapped this from our kitchen window, and had a sudden realization that I am in the right place at the right time... (but we shall save that for later!)


A simple, unassuming sticky note,
Posted on the doorway to Beyond;
He has handwritten with affection,
"I am fond of you."

But If this is a note, I must read His novels!
If this is a sketch, I must see His calligraphy!
If this is vernacular, I must hear His poetry!
If this is simplicity, I long for intricacies!

If these are fingerprints, what of touch and feelings?
If He is smiling, let us start laughing!
If He is moving, I want to start dancing!
If He is coming, I want Him arriving.

If this is beauty, I want to behold majesty.
If this is fondness, were He to lavish love on me -
Such a profound mystery:
He goes beyond all we ask or think

He is a Sentimental Author
with charm behind His intensity


Reading: A Severe Mercy, Sheldon Vanauken

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  1. I wrote something a few months back about how God has this special ways of dedication. I could having such a broken day and as Im lookin out the window..the sun's suddenly right in front of me..lookin so beautiful..or the birds flyin above me..& I just know that, that particular moment..was for me..He just makes it happen..just like someone could send you roses..It's pretty's pretty sentimental of God..but if it's anything..its captivating.. Lovin it karen..ur a soul sista..